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I have put together a list of commonly asked questions to help you navigate through the thought process of the many exceptional services I provide. Asking questions is a vital part of the work we will do together and establishes a framework for our artistic abilities. Together, we can create an angle of perspective for what each of expects out of photography. We will start with a clean palette and progress through a style we wish to capture.  Feel free to reach out with any questions that you may have.

“Sometimes questions are more important than the answers” -Nancy Willard



What happens after the session?
Session editing is normally done within two weeks. I will communicate with your personal gallery and log-in information. You’ll be able to see your proofs, order prints and products, ask questions, and go over anything you need.

Am I allowed to pick the pictures I want edited or how I want them edited?
In short, it is a joint effort of our artistic styles to which images are chosen and how they are edited. If there are specific styles you are looking for, we will discuss that before the session begins so I have it in mind as I am shooting. All photos ordered 8×10 or larger will be edited.

Why aren’t there any prints included in the price?
Session fees include my (photographer’s) time, talent, editing of all images, and a password protected online viewing gallery. A lot of time goes into each session. My work doesn’t stop once the camera lens cap is put back on. I take pride in choosing your best images, editing them in our style and setting up your online gallery. Unless specified, prints are not included in the session fee. I have also taken great care to research and find an amazing professional printer that I use in order to offer high quality professional prints and products.


How do I decide on clothing choices?
We can work together if you would like to make sure the clothing options are the perfect representation of your style and artistic needs.

Do you offer hair and make up?
I work with a professional stylist that provides hair and makeup for shoots that require that specific attention.  


How do I choose a location for my themed session?
It will be a collaborative process on picking the most well suited location-based on the look you would like to achieve for your photos.

How does the high school get my yearbook photo?
After you select an image for the yearbook, I will send a high-resolution correctly sized and cropped image to the high school along with a confirmation email to you.


Do you work with Agents or Agency’s?
I work with SMASH talent out of Chicago and Minnesota on Model shoots and portfolios.  I also have several clients that have representation and I work closely with them on shoots, head shots, comp cards and anything they need to meet the demand of industry standards.

Do you offer composite or model cards?
Yes. I offer professional and modern design services and high quality printed cards.

How do I get published in magazines?
A lot of factors go into what gets published and what doesn’t. Finding an editor that has a specific project or article in mind would be a good start. For my clients that get published, it comes down to the needs of the editors I work with, certain strong series I am working on, or sometimes its just an image where everything just came together that allows it to be very captivating.


Do you offer 1/2 day rates as well as full day rates?
Yes. Depending on the job, I offer 1/2 or full day rates along with other options.

Do you offer headshots on location?
Yes. I can come directly to your office, warehouse, or workspace.

Where can I find more examples and information about your Commercial Photography?
You can find much more detailed information and commercial photography case studies at my main Wisconsin commercial site here –


How long does a session last?
A typical session from start to finish is generally 2-3 hours depending on what the shoot entails.

How should I prepare for my shoot?
After you book a shoot we will work together to go over the details of your wardrobe to complement our ideas, decide shoot location, and what you need to bring the day of the shoot. Every last detail will be well thought out and planned.

When you are doing a session with my child, what do I as the parent do?
You will be on location the entire time during the shoot. Your child will work best if you are not a distraction to the work we are doing, but I want you in the background where you can see your child.


What print finish should I get?
The short answer is that if it will be behind glass or will be handled like wallet prints, you will want a matte or lustre finish.
detailed info here

How do I order my photos?
You may order prints through me or from your online gallery. Never hesitate to ask me any questions about ordering prints because your prints are very important to me. Your prints are an extension of my work so I always want to make sure you get
he best possible product.

Do you print your own prints?
I do not do my own printing but I order all prints from a couple of high-end print labs that my monitor is calibrated with.
detailed info here

Are your cabinet cards just reused vintage ones with new photos glued on?
No. My cabinet cards are 100% new and custom-made on a press  to replicate how they were really made in the mid 1800’s.
detailed info here

How long does it take to get my prints?
Product creation times vary, however in general, print orders will be completed within 2-5 days after the product order is submitted.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?
Yes, in any amount.  Gift certificates are the perfect gift for anyone looking to book with me or someone who is ready to make a custom portraiture investment.



What are “looks” within a model shoot?
A look is the combination of hair, clothing, setting, style, and lighting techniques.  Within each look I shoot different variations. We may shoot a combination of close-ups, ¾ length and full length.  You may change clothes within each look.

Do you travel to meet clients?
Yes, within the Chippewa Valley I meet with clients.  Depending on the package level you choose there may be a charge outside of this area.

What rights do I have to the digital prints?
You have the right to reprint images up to 5×7 after purchase of USB.  However you may not sell your images for a profit or publish your images without the written consent of Dewitz Photography.

Do you do photography classes or training?
I do offer one on one training regularly.
detailed info here

How do we book you?
Simply let me know you would like to book a photography session, what dates work best for you and what type of session you are looking for through my contact page, email me at, or call me at 715.514.4505.

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