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Photo Restoration Agreement

Client agrees to have Omg Photostuff restore their submitted photos.

Omg Photostuff agrees to try their best to restore the photo(s) back to their original condition. However, perfect results cannot be guaranteed, as the quality of the restored photo(s) will be limited by the damage/deterioration of the photo(s) over time, as well as the low resolution and quality of the original photo(s).

Client agrees to pay Omg Photostuff the following fee for the photo restoration services:

$135 for a total of three photo restorations at $45 per photo.

Payment is due in full before Omg Photostuff begins work on the photo(s). 

Photos will be delivered to in a .jpg high resolution format by 10-31-23 or sooner. 

If you are ready to proceed with restoration please click on the following link to submit payment. 

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